Artificial Intelligence Powers New Cloud-based Content Platform from RealView

Realview has announced the launch of Partica, a cloud-based digital content platform designed to give publishers an unprecedented view into their content, unearthing valuable evergreen articles for re-use and monetisation.

“Publishers are sitting on vast amounts of evergreen content – a lot of it locked in PDFs that have never been seen online. Partica makes it simple and cost effective to find, extract, organise and monetise that content,” said Richard Lindley, Realview CEO.

One feature developed over the last 18 months allows publishers to search through thousands of PDFs to find content and extract an article as HTML  simply, in just a few clicks. As well as ingesting PDFs, Partica can analyse existing digital content from a website, CMS or RSS feed, and once ingested, the publisher is provided with innovative visualisations of the amount and type of content available.

Partica integrates with existing publisher technology stacks, augmenting and enhancing capabilities with minimum disruption to existing practices. A deep-learning technology, based on artificial intelligence, automatically analyses, tags, indexes and categorises the content through self-learning algorithms, providing publishers with a powerful content discovery tool, making it easy to find ideal content for any given situation.

Content in Partica can easily be accessed, collated and pushed into brand new distribution and revenue channels such as social media, websites, microsites, newsletters and syndication all in a matter of minutes.

“The AI engine is learning all the time and in the future we see that we will be able to provide publishers with actionable business intelligence on how and where to use their content most effectively,” Lindley said.

Partica will launch with the first of a series of new revenue models for publishers – a newsletter publishing service. Publishers can utilise their existing content to provide a curated newsletter service to businesses who need content for their email marketing efforts.

Realview is currently running a Partica beta program with a commercial launch set for January 2018.

Publishers interested in participating in the beta program can register their interest via the Partica website: