Adobe Glossary: Navigating AdTech and MarTech Landscape

As brands and agencies grapple with an environment of rapidly changing consumer behaviour, technology developments and competition, Adobe has launched a glossary to help marketers navigate the AdTech and MarTech landscape.

Ownership of MarTech has long been associated with the brand side of businesses and attracted significant investment of a marketer’s time and budget, while AdTech was more likely to be outsourced to agencies.

Sam Smith, Head of Advertising Cloud for Australia and New Zealand, said this siloed approach is beginning to change with the era of Experience Business now upon us.

“Becoming an Experience Business means leveraging a single view of your customers and providing a truly integrated experience across all channels. There is now a wealth of advertising and marketing data available and that means brands have few excuses not to target customers in ways that are relevant and personalised.”

Smith said true customer experience across every touch point can only be achieved when AdTech and MarTech inform each other.

“Adobe understands the importance of this and it is why the Adobe Experience Cloud, comprising of Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Advertising Cloud and Adobe Analytics Cloud, provides the most comprehensive set of services to bridge the AdTech and MarTech divide and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

“Change is a constant that will underpin marketing and advertising for the foreseeable future and that means it is essential for marketers to stay up to date with the technology ecosystem.

“Adobe’s AdTech and MarTech Glossary is designed to arm marketers with key information on the AdTech and MarTech landscape, along with the potential integration points, so they can deliver the best possible experiences to their customers.”

Download the glossary here.