FUSE Enterprise Exec Summit – Content Marketing and D2C

With the great opportunity presented by Direct-to-Consumer Sales comes the need for book publishers to master the tools and tactics that drive online commerce – namely, content marketing.

To support these content marketing efforts book publishers are adapting the tech needed to attract customers with relevant content – technologies that support nimble content development and distribution, data management and analytics to parse customer data, and conversion tools such as email and marketing automation.

Book Business sister publications Publishing Executive and Target Marketing have launched an executive summit dedicated to helping marketers sort through these technologies. It’s called ‘FUSE Enterprise: The Convergence of Technology and Branded Content’ and is happening November 27-28 in Philadelphia.

This summit is designed for senior-level marketing and technology executives at major consumer and B2B brands.

And, it’s FREE for qualified attendees. Fuse Enterprise will pay for your travel, hotel, meals, entertainment for qualified attendees. Click here to see if you qualify.

Visit http://fuseenterprise.pubexec.com