New Infographic Shows ads.txt Helps Brands Fight Digital Ad Fraud

IAB recently launched ads.txt in Australia and Bench’s infographic shows how marketers can use it to gain digital advertising transparency.

Despite the promising nature of the technology, most Australian marketers still aren’t aware of what ads.txt is and how it can benefit them. To help educate the market, Bench released an infographic that explains ads.txt in an accessible and visually-enticing way.

Two separate studies carried out in 2015 and 2017 found that fraudulent online advertising in Australia costs local brands well over $100 million annually.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau created the ads.txt product to help minimise the money that brands waste on counterfeit ad inventory. It was launched in Australia at the beginning of November and has received backing from major local agencies, publishers and ad platforms.

Bench is one of the companies that have officially endorsed ads.txt and hope to see it adopted by all players within the local ecosystem.

Gil Snir, Bench CCO, said, “Transparency in digital advertising is something that marketers discuss a lot and everyone wants to lend their support to. With the release of ads.txt, there is now a simple solution that the industry can rally around.

“As an Australian-based performance marketing platform, we want our users to be in total control of their advertising budget and marketing outcomes. If adopted by enough brands and publishers, ads.txt could greatly enhance brand safety for online advertisers.”

Many of the world’s leading publishers have already implemented ads.txt and so have global resellers of ad inventory. Bench’s infographic shows:

  • How ads.txt benefits the different players in online advertising.
  • Who perpetrates ad fraud and how much money brands are set to lose as a result.
  • A breakdown of how the technology behind ads.txt works.
  • Some of the leading publishers and ad networks who are already on board.
  • Useful resources for marketers.

View the full infographic on the Bench website.